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Full Stack Web Developer

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Full Stack Web Developer

We are an international business group specializing in developing Rich Internet Application solutions. Our proven experience and unique products make us a leading company in the market. We are continuously growing and looking for Web Software Developers.

As a team member, you will contribute to the design and development of our new solutions (both: frontend and backend).

Position Name Full Stack Web Developer
Company name Sandstream Development Sp. z o.o.
Company address Ślężna 104, 53-111 Wrocław, Poland
Position level regular
Short projects information
  • software development for international customers from sectors including Media&Marketing, Manufacturing, Hardware&Software solutions
  • working on: time tracking tools (SaaS), e-mail marketing tools (SaaS/PaaS) and others.
Tasks and expectations
  • design and development of new functionalities
  • maintenance of existing implementation
  • following proven standards and guidelines
Mainly used technologies React, Redux, ES6, node.js, HTML5, CSS3, npm, nuget, eslint, babel, webpack, sass, Ruby, C#, puppeteer, jest, JIRA, GITLab, GIT…
Teams characteristics
  • small teams (4-10 persons)
  • working according to The Agile Manifesto for Software Development guidelines. SCRUM and KANBAN methods
Company organizational culture
  • flexible working time
  • high-end working equipment (Macbook)
  • participation in training and conferences
  • openness in cooperation
  • mentoring
  • compliance ethical standards
A form of employment B2B
Salary 5000-10000 PLN NET (B2B) - negotiable, according to experience


A sense of humor :D
React + Redux 2-4 (or Angular on level >3 and basic React + Redux knowledge)
Experience in multi-platform applications
development with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
Experience in application server part development 2-3
Experience with node.js and related technologies *
Experience with databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, Redis) *
  • * - nice to have
  • 1 - theoretical knowledge with no commercial experience
  • 2 - practical knowledge, but at a basic level
  • 3 - practical knowledge, but sometimes requires third-party support
  • 4 - feels confident and works independently
  • 5 - specialist, knows the solution for every situation
  • :D - absolutely required